Farmers Markets around Lake of the Ozarks

Summertime makes me think of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers! What better place to find these items than at our local Farmers Markets. They are my TRUSTED PROS.

I am SO fond of :

- candy onions (sweet alternative to Vidalia)
- cantelope (but hard for me to select so I let them)
- sweet corn-on-the-cob
- juicy tomatoes (actually my husband Mike loves these)

.... and much more....

Let's take a look at where these are and what makes them unique (and fun to go to):

Morgan County Farmers Market

Morgan County F/M is a great location for our neighbors up north. Located at the Versailles local library you are sure to find just the right item for your Lake home and scrumptous meal ideas. Open Saturdays

Linn Creek Farmers Market

Linn Creek F/M is open on Wednesdays so no need to try to get in on your busy Saturday! Located right in between Osage Beach and Camdenton so conveniently located for both.

Osage Beach Farmers Market

Osage Beach F/M is at the entrance to the Outlet Mall. Just add it to your shopping adventure. Open Saturdays

Eldon Farmers Market

Eldon F/M is at the Rock Island City Park in town. Plenty of farm animals and honey! Open Saturdays

Camdenton Farmers Market

Camdenton F/M is at the County Square at heart of town. Friends of mine have a booth for custom candles/lotions and much more. Shop the local stores while you are there. Open Saturdays